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Construction Crane


We provide construction management services for self-storage development projects, ensuring timely and cost-effective execution. Our value-add development approach maximizes the potential of existing storage facility properties, optimizing space and functionality to drive long-term value.

Construction Services

We provide comprehensive construction management services for self-storage development projects. From site selection and design, to construction oversight and project management. We ensure timely and cost-effective execution, delivering exceptional results every step of the way.

Construction Crane

Value Adds and Expansions

Designed to maximize the potential of existing facilities, we leverage our expertise in development management and strategic planning to collaborate with property owners who already possess a facility, or those looking to purchase a facility and seek to expand its capacity or functionality. Through meticulous analysis and planning, we identify opportunities to optimize underutilized space.  Whether through constructing additional units, expanding existing structures, or implementing innovative facility enhancements, we are there to provide innovative solutions at every step along the way.

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Vendor Management

Effective vendor management is essential for seamless operation and optimization of self-storage properties. At M&P Group, we prioritize building strong relationships with trusted vendors and service providers. By fostering these relationships, we enhance operational efficiency, ensure quality service, and improve overall property performance.

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Construction Site
Construction Crane
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